Unit 2 – A New Nation (1777 – 1830)

After the Revolutionary War, much needed to be done in the new United States. The ideas of the Revolution had to be preserved in the country's new government.During the first years of the United States, political leaders met and discussed the form that the government should take. Often, people disagreed about how the new nation should be organized. Debates still take place about the framework of the U.S. government, which is written in the Constitution. In this unit students will learn about the creation of the Constitution and how that document affects the U.S. and its citizens today. Students will also examine the "Era of Good Feelings" and how technological innovations help to create a single national identity as well as identify the growing sectional differences that would begin to emerge between the different regions of the United States.

Reference: Holt Social Studies United States History. 23 July 2007 <http://my.hrw.com/tabnav/controller.jsp?isbn=0030431638>.


Week 1 - Forming a Gov't
Week 2 - Forming a Gov't Pt. II
Week 3 - Ratifying the Constitution
Test - Weeks 1-3 Test Review
Week 4 - The Early Presidencies - Washington, Adams, & Jefferson
Week 5 - The War of 1812
Test - Weeks 4 & 5 Test Review
Week 10 - Nationalism & Innovation & Sectionalism
Week 11 - Sectionalism Pt. II
Week 12 - Pre-Civil War Review