Aside from taking away from this class a knowledge of the people, places, and events that make up American History, you will also be developing your personal skills in the areas of writing, visual literacy, technology, and self- expression. Listed below are the four major supplementary skills that will be emphasized in classroom activities and projects this year.

  1. Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences - What is my preferred learning style? In what ways do I learn best?

  2. Essay & Research Writing (Six Traits of Writing) - Methods and techniques to improve my writing skills?

  3. Online learning & Media Tools (Blogs & Wikis) - How can I use technology to better collaborate with others and deepen my learning experience?

  4. Self-Expression & Argumentation (Parliamentary Debate, Individual Speeches) - How can I express myself more clearly through the use of strong evidence and sound reasoning.

The Complete Social Studies Skill Set can be viewed here. These are the additional skills students will use and develop proficiency in the Social Studies course throughout this entire year.


A complete overview of the units we will be studying this year can be found by clicking on the link below.