U.S. History: Beginnings to 1914

8th Grade – Mr. Armstrong – M404


The Eighth grade U.S. History course will focus on topics ranging from the discovery of North America during the Age of Exploration, to the growth and development of the United States as a colony and its eventual formation as an independent nation. The course also explores the geography of the United States, its involvement in foreign affairs, international conflicts, and internal conflicts such as the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the impact of these events on the nation.

Social Studies skills taught include critical reading and thinking, research note taking, outlining, and analyzing maps, charts, graphs, and tables. Special emphasis will also be placed on the use of technology and the development of independent thought and individual communication skills.


a. Social Studies Notebook/Binder
b. Writing Utensils (pen, pencil, highlighter)
c. 1G USB stick or online storage account (http://www.dropbooks.com or http://www.box.net/individual)
d. Craft materials (colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue, etc.)
e. Personal laptop not a requirement

a. ABC-CLIO – Online American History database
b. Firefox - Internet browser
c. Ning id – Social network hosting our class website.
d. Zotero - Firefox add-on research tool
e. Diigo – Firefox add-on research tool
f. turnitin.com – Online plagiarism prevention tool
g. iGoogle – Personal Google account
h. Wikispaces - Online collaboration tool
i. del.icio.us – Personal bookmark manager
j. Moodle - Online course management system


Tests & Major Projects 50%
Quizzes & Major Homework Assignments 25%
Homework 15%
Semester Final 10%


Disciplined behavior takes precedence over everything we do in the classroom for it forms the foundation for high performance. One’s discipline and behavior is more important than one’s I.Q. in the pursuit of happiness and success in life. Choose to test the limits of your mind in this class rather than test the limits of your behavior. Classroom rules and disciplinary action taken for rule violations are consistent with those outlined in the Korea International School Student-Parent Handbook.


Homework assignments are to be completed on time and will be submitted either in class or electronically via the Internet. If problems are encountered when attempting to submit an assignment electronically, students are to attempt to submit the assignment via e-mail (aarmstrong@kis.or.kr) or print out a hard copy of the assignment, with a time stamp, to be turned in the following day. All late assignments will be assessed under the following guidelines:

a. Each day an assignment is late will result in one letter grade deduction.
b. The maximum grade to be received for work completed on the 4th late day is 60%
c. Late work will no longer be accepted on the 5th day and the assignment/test will be recorded as a zero.
d. All late assignments must be submitted with a Missed Assignment Excuse Form.
e. A student will receive 2 days for each day they are absent due to an unplanned illness or family emergency.
f. No extra credit is given in this course.


a. K.I.S. U.S. History Website (http://www.armstronghistory.edublogs.org)
b. U.S. History Wikispace (http://armstrong-history.wikispaces.com/)