Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 1865
16th President of the United States

My I AM person is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America. I am quite happy with him, though he wasn't my first choice, no one can deny, Abraham Lincoln is the best amongst all historical figures in this entire project. Which historical figure is more intriguing to you? Some obscure civilian that changed little of America, the World for that matter and their identity is little known or Abraham Lincoln who did such great things everyone in the world knows his name. He is the one that really worths researching for and I shall prove it so.
People may think 'What is the point of researching someone already known so well?' But I thought it would be somewhat enjoyable to discover facts that are little known by the people. Something like a trivia. I am trying to show the people that the facts you know about Lincoln isn't all that is out there. There is more of Lincoln.

My research isn't going so well as I intended. All I am finding is those common information I would've know when I was in year two. Though I am now pretty well aware of the dates of events by now, like his birth place and time. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a cabin in Kentucky. Son of Thomas Lincoln. 1834 which Lincoln was at the age of 24, he served in the state government of Illinois. He was elected to the legislature in the Whig Party, and denounced slavery. September 9, 1836, Abraham Lincoln received his law license as the leader of the Whig Party. November 4, 1842, Lincoln married Mary Toad of Kentucky. 1860 Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States. April 12, 1861, the Civil War begins with the removal of the Southern states from the Union. 1865 the Civil War ends. and on April 13, 1865, Lincoln is shot behind his head by John Wilkes Booth a Southerner. April 15, 1865, he died.

Lincoln is actually a very easy character for researching because he is so prominent. Lots of information is out there on the web, books, and people. Good for me.

ut did you know that Abraham Lincoln stopped another war between the US and Britain?

How did a man of such noneducational background become the President of the United States? His parents were agricultural, do you suppose they never used slaves? How did he stop another British war and why the war in the first place? If Lincoln didn't stop slavery, do you suppose someone else in near future from his generation would have?


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