Lucretia Mott

My "I Am..." person is Lucretia Mott. I was interested about this person because as I researched, I knew that she was the first woman to be active on opposing slavery and fought for equal rights. I was interested about that point; therefore I decided to do this person for my project. Prior to beginning my research, I almost didnt know anything about her. The only information I knew was that she worked for antislavery and womens rights associations. Before doing the research, I only knew little information which was from the textbook. After I researched, I learned her efforts about the antislavery and women's rights. She was borned in January 3, 1793. Her family was strongly shaped by the Society of Friends, quaker in other words. She was mainly educated by the school that was runned from the Society of Friends. In 1821, she had a speech in Philadelphia which was persuasive to people. After her first lecture in Philadelphia, she gradually increased her activities, such as refusing to use slavery-produced goods. I found out that her efforts were achieved by speaking at several conventions and giving speeches about equal rights and opposing slavery. While researching, I had some questions about what became her interests on anti-slavery and women's rights. Also, I was questioned how the Society of Friends impacted her.

How did her parents, role in the Quaker society affect her in influencing her thoughts on women's equal rights and antislavery?


Primary Sources

  • quote on the status of women
  • "It is not Christianity, but priestcraft that has subjected woman as we find her. "
  • We too often bind ourselves by authorities rather than by the truth."
  • "The cause of Peace has had my share of efforts, taking the ultra non-resistance ground - that a Christian cannot consistently uphold, and actively support, a government based on the sword, or whose ultimate resort is to the destroying weapons. "

Secondary Sources

Secondary source 1
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