Table of Contents

Essay #1

Which moment of American history studied this semester did you feel to be the most important? Is there a particular moment of American history that you would you have wanted to be a part of? Explain the event and provide, in detail, your personal reasoning for choosing as you do.

Essay #2

Over the course of this semester we have studied how a land, built on the idea of “self-representation” and “equality for all,” was first originated (Constitutional Convention) and then tested (War of 1812 and Civil War). Through all of these events the principles of individual freedom and democracy have also been challenged and in some instances personal rights and freedoms have been restricted and taken away. From what we have learned this semester, what circumstances caused America's democratic government to try and limit (or take away) its citizen’s basic freedoms? Why do you believe these events happened? What lessons need to be learned from these situations?

Essay #3

Be prepared to write a persuasive essay from either the proposition (FOR) or opposition (AGAINST) viewpoint for each of the following debate topics. The success of your essay will be determined by your ability to gather and organize supporting evidence for your reasoning (key terms, people, and main ideas), as well as being able to refute opposing arguments against your position.

It is highly recommended that you create an outline for your arguments and refutation much like you did for your "I Am..." presentations to help you.

Topic A) - The South was justified for leaving the Union.

Think about:
• Missouri Compromise
• Compromise of 1850
• Kansas-Nebraska Act
• Dred Scott Decision
• Lincoln-Douglas Debates
• The Election of 1860
• John Brown

Topic B) Abraham Lincoln is historically more important to America’s history than George Washington.

Think about:
• Constitutional Convention
• Washington’s Farewell Address
• Civil War
• Gettysburg Address